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What Larry created...

The Larry Show pledges to help you tap into your creativity for healing, growing and sharing; follow your dream, no matter what age you are; and create the life you dream of living.

Your Life’s Aspirations

The Larry Show and its services are for you – if you would simply love to feel closer to other people, open your heart more, and share love with them; have more joy in your life, whatever the upbeat or downbeat emotions you are feeling, and have reliable, fun and inspiring ways to turn around the down moods.

Results Awaiting You

Experiencing The Larry Show’s services will give you the desirable results of feeling your heart open, discovering your life passion and purpose, and your ability to share with others to make a more wonderful world.

"It's like you will want to bundle up Larry in his one-man show, and send him as a box of chocolates to all your friends ☺."
M. Norwood, Technology Entrepreneur, Sedona, AZ

ENTERTAINMENT + WISDOMMy Storyby Larry Rosenberg

Larry’s life purpose at 75 years of age is to encourage and assist people in the second half of their lives, to feel free to be themselves, and share more love, joy and creativity with the world.

Entertaining and singing have been a vivid part of Larry’s life. After being a much-applauded child singer, he experienced rejection and psychological woundings regarding his creative expression, which had wider and long-lasting repercussions on his emotional development. Even without skill and confidence, his delight in singing leaked out over many decades, especially with French and Japanese songs. Making a commitment to singing lessons in his late 60s, his joy of singing and openhearted love of people have emotionally and spiritually transformed him.

Larry regards singing as a powerful way for people of any age to improve our vitality, mature our emotions, expand our consciousness, discover our passion, and pursue our divinely inspired life purpose. He is passionate about sharing this joyful transformation process with others, so that they can in turn spread it to even more people.


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One-Man Shows

“Growing Up Larry”, a chronicle of his turning-point episodes, and “Larry’s Cabaret Show”, inspiration for elderly audiences.


“Singing & Soaring,” singing for healing, growing and sharing.

Motivational Speaking

Inspiring audiences to find their passion and live their purpose, and it is never too late to do this.

Life Coaching

Reaching your potential for a creative, loving and joyful life.



"“I thoroughly enjoyed Larry’s ‘Growing Up Larry’ one-man show! I laughed, I cried, I sang and I smiled. I was inspired by the way he shared his truths with vulnerability, humor and passion. His show made me want to learn more about myself and my relationships, and how to communicate what I learn with those I care about. I would recommend this show to anyone who values personal growth, understanding and community. Thank you, Larry, for modeling and sharing being a fully integrated man!” "
J. Hovermill, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ


Tribute Shows

by Larry Rosenberg


"The Larry Show" offers a personal-designed and Larry-Rosenberg-performed one-man musical show “About You” – focusing on a Subject who wants or his family and friends want to surprise her/him, with an upbeat and inspiring entertainment for her/his landmark event, such as: Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, Retirement Party, Wedding Reception, Celebration of Life (for a Loved One who recently transitioned, or who is near to it but well enough to attend), and…

One-Man Shows

by Larry Rosenberg

68 Testimonials

Concerts: Uplifting singing from my heart to your heart Concerts can be customized to the character of the audience, length of the program, and sophistication of the setting and equipment, in terms of songs, stories, humor, dancing and audience interaction. One-man shows Larry has created two one-man shows that cover his life’s seven decades of stories, songs, humor and dance: “Growing Up Larry” (90 minutes) – a theater piece chronicling…


by Larry Rosenberg

2 Testimonials

“Singing & Soaring,” singing for healing, growing and sharing runs from 2 hours to 2 days and involves lectures, slides, small groups, exercises, and singing songs (in groups and as solos).     2 Testimonials "As he sings his songs in his jubilant way, Larry transforms into a bubbling seven-year-old lad. And he invites you along to be his playmate, and so the years melt away. I've been to workshops…

Motivational Speaking

by Larry Rosenberg

3 Testimonials

Inspiring audiences to find their passion and live their purpose, and it is never too late to do this My presentation can be customized to the sponsor’s aims, audiences needs, venue situation, and program length. It can be from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and involve lecture, slides, songs, and audience participation. Examples of titles of motivational speeches include: "Finding Your Life Passions & Creating Your Life Purpose" "Upgrading Your…