“The Larry Show” offers a personal-designed and Larry-Rosenberg-performed one-man musical show “About You” – focusing on a Subject who wants or his family and friends want to surprise her/him, with an upbeat and inspiring entertainment for her/his landmark event, such as:

  • Birthday Party
  • Anniversary Party
  • Retirement Party
  • Wedding Reception
  • Celebration of Life (for a Loved One who recently transitioned, or who is near to it but well enough to attend)
  • Any other special life event (deserving of a party featuring a personalized show about the honoree).

The songs, dances and costumes/props in the About You show are the same as in Larry Rosenberg’s life-based musical comedy shows. However, the stories are about the subject’s life. Larry creates the stories and humor after interviewing one or more of the subject’s family or friends, so I can create a new script customized to her/his life journey. These shows are usually up to 30 minutes long, but they could be longer.

Here’s an example of how Larry Rosenberg performed a “Celebrating Your Loved One’s Life” show. He started with his one-man show (about his seven-decade life), with its pre-recorded music of popular songs, and then customized the content to the unique life story of the late Manny Franklin (name changed for confidentiality), at a luncheon following his memorial service in the Phoenix, Arizona area. With great respect to Cole Porter, Larry borrowed the tune of “I Love Paris” song from his Broadway musical Can-Can, changed the title to “We Love Manny,” and wrote lyrics pertaining to Manny’s life. Here it is:

We love Manny, for his bright brain,
We love Manny, for tales and jokes,
We love Manny, devoted husband, adoring Mary,
We love Manny, what a father, playing with kids.
We love Manny, for all his 75 years,
Or as many as you knew him.
We love Manny, and we’ll always love Manny,
Because he’s dear, because he’s here, in our hearts!


“When Larry Rosenberg told me about his new and passionate career (at age 74), ‘The Larry Show,’ I asked if he’d be willing to perform a ‘customized version’ of his show at my late step-dad’s ‘celebration of life’ luncheon. Weeks later Larry came to the restaurant with his costumes, sing-along song-sheets, sound system and a technician. All 40+ family and friends there immensely enjoyed his 30-minute uplifting performance! He sang, danced and gave an eloquent-and-humorous tribute to my step-dad. To know my step-dad’s life more personally, Larry had done a detailed pre-show phone interview. I can’t thank Larry enough for his dedicated and compassionate energy in making my step-dad’s Special Day the best ever.” – L.B., Arizona

“Larry, I cannot thank you enough for your personalized entertainment at my 90th birthday bash! You made everyone happy, which seems to be your mission in life these days. As my life story was the focus of your cabaret-style show, you sure made me happy! As you sang ‘Oh! My Pa-pa’ to me as a father of five, I almost lost it. Before the party, when you asked me questions about my children, time in Sedona, Jewish Community of Sedona leadership role, and U.S. military service, I jokingly said, ‘Are you writing my obituary?’ But you answered, and now I can appreciate what you said, ‘Why don’t we celebrate a person’s life, especially on a landmark birthday, when he or she is still alive and well, and surrounded by loving family and friends?’ Larry, there’s nobody on this planet with as big a heart and so much show-biz talent as you!” – Joe Knauer, Retired Businessperson, Sedona, AZ

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