Larry’s life purpose at 75 years of age is to encourage and assist people in the second half of their lives, to feel free to be themselves, and share more love, joy and creativity with the world.

Entertaining and singing have been a vivid part of Larry’s life. After being a much-applauded child singer, he experienced rejection and psychological woundings regarding his creative expression, which had wider and long-lasting repercussions on his emotional development. Even without skill and confidence, his delight in singing leaked out over many decades, especially with French and Japanese songs. Making a commitment to singing lessons in his late 60s, his joy of singing and openhearted love of people have emotionally and spiritually transformed him.

Larry regards singing as a powerful way for people of any age to improve our vitality, mature our emotions, expand our consciousness, discover our passion, and pursue our divinely inspired life purpose. He is passionate about sharing this joyful transformation process with others, so that they can in turn spread it to even more people.


VIEW Larry's Education & Business Career
Before becoming an entertainer, Larry’s 45-year-long professional career involved marketing teaching, business consulting, and management training. He earned a BS degree from Drexel University, Philadelphia, and a MBA and Ph.D. degrees (in Marketing) from The Ohio State University, Columbus. Throughout his life, he completed trainings on group dynamics, creativity, holistic healing, yoga, integral philosophy, and spiritual awareness.

Larry served as an Associate Professor at New York University (1970s) and University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1980s). Based in Tokyo, he was the Executive Director of University of Maryland University College, International Business & Management Institute, from which he presented training programs to thousands of managers on five continents. In his career, he developed expertise on marketing strategy, leadership, globalization and localization, creativity stimulation, effective communication, public relations, holistic healing, and life transformation.

Larry’s major travels have involved the United States, Australia, Japan (where he lived for 10 years), Canada, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Germany, France, Italy, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Brazil and Venezuela. In his travels, he absorbed many cultures and several languages: Japanese, French and Spanish, and moderate German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Hebrew.

Personal Tributes

Shows honor a person’s unique life story on their special occasion.

One-Man Shows

“Liberation of Larry”, a chronicle of his turning-point episodes, and “Larry’s Cabaret Show”, inspiration for elderly audiences.


“Singing & Soaring,” singing for healing, growing and sharing.

Motivational Speaking

Inspiring audiences to find their passion and live their purpose, and it is never too late to do this.

Life Coaching

Reaching your potential for a creative, loving and joyful life.