Sharing Unconditional Love with a Nursing Home Audience

I am learning to practice “unconditional love” as a result of my one-man “Larry’s Cabaret Show” for elderly audiences.

Here is how I realized it: Before the start of my show’s premiere, at Sedona’s Kachina Point nursing home, I went around to each person in the audience to shake hands and exchange names. I discovered that 1/3 of the audience were unable to shake my hand and say their name; I smiled, gave my name, and walked away. While another 1/3 of them could give their name and shake my hand, they seemed minimally able to relate. That left 1/3 to have a decent conversation with and later saw them as alert and lively audience members.

So, my show can reach 1/3 or so of the audience, but my unconditional love can touch everyone.

The photo is Ralph Lewis, a friend and audience member in the final 1/3 category.

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