Concerts: Uplifting singing from my heart to your heart

Concerts can be customized to the character of the audience, length of the program, and sophistication of the setting and equipment, in terms of songs, stories, humor, dancing and audience interaction. One-man shows: Larry has created three one-man shows that cover his life’s seven decades of stories, songs, humor and dance: “The Liberation of Larry” (90 minutes) – a theater piece chronicling…

One-man shows

Larry has created three one-man shows that cover his life’s seven decades of stories, songs, humor and dance:

“The Liberation of Larry” (90 minutes) – a theater piece chronicling his turning-point episodes and featuring his life’s challenges, lessons, and victories.

“Larry’s Cabaret Show” (30 minutes to 1 hour) – a series of inspirational messages and happy songs that uplift the outlook and energy of elderly audiences from residential and health-care communities, and work with family- and child-friendly audiences.

“Being Gay: From Stigma to Spirit” (30 minutes) – a gritty story of his gay-identity struggle and eventual spiritual triumph, with short a-capella songs; it can be followed by a discussion of LGBT issues.

Past Performances of Larry’s One-Man Shows

1. September 30, 2014, “Growing Up Larry – Riding the Roller Coaster,” Private Event, Soderberg Bronze Gallery, Sedona, Arizona.

2. October 14, 2014, “Growing Up Larry – Riding the Roller Coaster,” World Premiere, Stargate Theatre, Sedona, Arizona.

3. November 13, 2014, “Growing Up Larry – Riding the Roller Coaster,” Australia Premiere, Private Event, San Remo, New South Wales, Australia.

4. November 22, 2014, “Growing Up Larry – Riding the Roller Coaster,” Private Event, Australian Consciousness Conference, Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia.

5. February 9, 2015, “Growing Up Larry – The Gay Story Line,” Sedona/Verde Valley PFLAG, The Church of the Red Rocks, Sedona, Arizona.

6. February 15, 2015, “Growing Up Larry – The Wandering Jew,” Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley, Sedona, Arizona.

7. March 10, 2015, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Kachina Point Health Care & Rehab Center, Sedona, Arizona.

8. April 18, 2015, “Highlights of ‘Growing Up Larry,’” New York City Documentary Making Group, Sedona, Arizona.

9. May 2, 2015, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Sedona Community Center, Volunteer Appreciation Day, Sedona, Arizona.

10. May 4, 2015, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” The Susan J. Rheem Adult Day Center, Cottonwood, Arizona.

11. May 13, 2015, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Christian Care Senior Lifestyle Community, Cottonwood, Arizona.

12. June 17, 2015, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Posse Grounds Hub, Sedona, Arizona.

13. September 9, 2015, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Star & Garter Hotel, Linlithgow, Scotland.

14. November 14, 2015, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Center for Positive Living, Sedona-Village of Oak Creek, Arizona.

15. November 21, 2015, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Cottonwood Village, Cottonwood, Arizona.

16. April 1, 2016, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Unity of Sedona, Sedona, Arizona.

17. April 21, 2016, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Sedona Historical Society Volunteers Appreciation Event, Sedona Heritage Museum’s Barn, Sedona, Arizona.

18. May 19, 2016, “Growing Up Gay – Opening Act for the Film ‘Bridegroom’,” Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley, PFLAG Sedona/Verde Valley, and Sedona International Film Festival, Mary D. Fisher Theatre, Sedona, Arizona.

19. June 25, 2016, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Integral Sedona, Sedona Public Library, Sedona, Arizona.

20. August 19, 2016, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Nielsen House, Spanish Fork, Utah.

21. October 18, 2016, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Sedona Yoga & Healing, Church of the Golden Age, Sedona, Arizona.

22. November 18, 2016, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Sedona Vortex Center at The Collective Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Arizona.

23. January 22, 2017, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Sedona Vortex Center at The Collective Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Arizona.

24. March 5, 2017, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” Sedona Vortex Center at The Collective Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Arizona.

25. March 30, 2017, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Taste of OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) Yavapai College, Sedona Center, Sedona, Arizona.

26. June 10, 2017, “Being Gay: From Stigma to Spirit,” Sedona/Verde Valley PFLAG, The Church of the Red Rocks, Sedona, Arizona.

27. April 6, 2017, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Sedona Roasting Company at Java Love Café, Sedona, Arizona.

28. April 21, 2017, “Growing Up Larry – My Liberation from The Lie,” West Side Deli, Sedona, Arizona.

29. April 25, 2017, “I Love Volunteering at the Sedona Heritage Museum,” Sedona Historical Society, Volunteers Appreciation Event, Sedona Heritage Museum, Sedona, Arizona.

30. May 12, 2017, “On The Sunny Side of the Street,” Good Morning Sedona Networking Event, Sedona Chamber of Commerce, Los Abrigados Resort, Sedona, Arizona.

31. May 18, 2017, “Being Different: From Stigma to Spirit,” This Is My Brave, The Show, Mental Health Coalition Verde Valley and Red Earth Theatre, Sedona Creative Life Center, Sedona, Arizona.

32. May 28, 2017, “Larry’s Cabaret Show – That’s Wisdomtainment,” Red Earth Theatre Production, Sedona Posse Grounds Hub, Sedona, Arizona.

33. June 10, 2017, “Being Gay: From Stigma to Spirit,” Sedona/Verde Valley PFLAG, The Church of the Red Rocks, Sedona, Arizona.

34. September 18, 2017, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Grand Opening of Adrift Studio and Gallery, Cottonwood, Arizona.

35. September 21, 2017, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Sunset Village, Sedona, Arizona.

36. October 21, 2017, “The Manny Show – Celebrating an Amazing Life,” Fireside Grill, Fountain Hills, Arizona.

37. November 17, 2017, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Monet House Private Event, Sedona, Arizona.

38. April 5, 2018, “Larry‘s Cabaret Show,” ChocolaTree Organic Oasis, Sedona, Arizona.

39. April 25, 2018, “Larry‘s Cabaret Show,” Sponsored by Bay Equity Home Loans and Forks on Fire, Vino Di Sedona, Sedona, Arizona.

40. May 22, 2018, “Tribute Show for Joe Knauer on his 90th Birthday,” Bella Vita Ristorante, Sedona, Arizona.

41. May 25, 2018, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Sedona Community Center, Memorable Memorial Day Celebration, Sedona, Arizona.

42. July 13, 2018 “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Angie’s House Senior Residential Center, Cottonwood, Arizona.

43. September 22, 2018 “The Liberation of Larry,” Aumbase Sedona, Sedona, Arizona.

44. September 25, 2018 “The Larry Show Celebrates Women,” Curves of Sedona Anniversary Party, Sedona, Arizona.

45. December 9, 2018, “The Liberation of Larry,” Men’s Club, Jewish Community of Sedona & the Verde Valley, Sedona, Arizona.

46. December 18, 2018, “Songs from The Larry Show,” Yavapai Democratic Party of Cottonwood, Holiday Party, Old Town Red Rooster Café, Cottonwood, Arizona.

47. January 10, 2019, “It’s Never Too Late – The Larry Show as My Life Mission,” Integral Sedona Program, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Yavapai Community College, Sedona, Arizona.

48. February 14, 2019, “Larry’s Cabaret Show,” Sedona Winds Assisted Living, Sedona, Arizona.

157 Testimonials

1. “Through song and story, I experienced Larry’s life journey. I smiled, laughed and cried as Larry drew me in and shared how he has accepted his authentic self, which defied his family and culture’s rules of who he should be. Thank you for the inspiration and wisdom of the Growing Up Larry show.”

– L. Engelhardt, Spiritual Book Author, Sedona, AZ


2. “The one-man show, Growing Up Larry was awesome, enlightening, humorous, heartbreaking and healing! Larry is a fantastic actor, singer, writer, inspiration and healer. My heart was touched and healed in so many ways. When you see the show for yourself, you will laugh and cry, but most of all you will feel the love pouring out from this extremely courageous man’s loving heart.”

– B. Laster, Medical Intuitive, Sedona, AZ


3. “Larry’s show was entertaining from beginning to end, captivating with moments of sadness and joy and the raw vulnerability he shared with the audience. One impactful message was to live our lives out of the box and give ourselves permission to express our authentic selves, and explore our creativity, joy and freedom. In his life’s exploration of seeking this illusive love, he found the Beloved God Self!”

– D. Roberts, Yoga Instructor, Sedona, AZ


4. “The Growing Up Larry show is a pure delight! This is the creation of a talented man, coming from his heart and sharing profound life messages. I’ve seen Larry perform this show several times; and as he has been growing, I find his show to be more and more inspiring! I laughed, I was moved to tears, and a few times I lost my breath. What a wonderful, deeply moving experience! Bravo!”

– I. Greene, Spiritual Healer, Sedona, AZ


5. “’Growing Up Larry’ is much more than a sentimental journey … it is a fascinating exploration of a fascinating man, presented by that very wonderful man. Larry’s story is instructive, sad and sweet; his twinkle-in-the-eye performance is warm and sincere. One cannot help but admire, enjoy, and grow with ‘Growing Up Larry’.”

– C. Schudson, Wisconsin Reserve Judge Emeritus, Sedona, AZ


6. “Larry’s show was amazing and so is HE. Time to take it on the road. Larry’s story is everyone’s story. Anyone who sees this show will be positively impacted. Kudos to you, Larry.

– L. Petty, Singer and Caretaker, Sedona, AZ


7. “’Growing Up Larry’ is much more than a sentimental journey … it is a fascinating exploration of a fascinating man, presented by that very wonderful man. Larry’s story is instructive, sad and sweet; his twinkle-in-the-eye performance is warm and sincere. One cannot help but admire, enjoy, and grow with ‘Growing Up Larry’.”

– C. Schudson, Wisconsin Reserve Judge Emeritus, Sedona, AZ


8. “Larry is a gorgeous man. He is like a wonderful elf, spreading loving magic in the world.”

– H. Fujimoto, organic agricultural company president, Tokyo, Japan


9. “It’s like you want to bundle up Larry in his one-man show, and send him as a box of chocolates to all your friends. ☺”

– M. Norwood, Technology Entrepreneur, Sedona, AZ


10. “I thoroughly enjoyed Larry’s ‘Growing up Larry,’ a one-man show! I laughed, I cried, I sang and I smiled. As a man who strives to be authentic, I was inspired by the way he shared his truths with vulnerability, humor and passion. His show made me want to learn more about myself and my relationships, and how to communicate what I learn with those I care about. I would recommend this show to anyone who values personal growth, understanding and community. Thank you, Larry, for modeling and sharing being a fully integrated man!”

– J. Hovermill, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ


11. “Larry’s show is pure delight. He has beautifully integrated sorrows, joys, pain, excitement and fun-filled memoirs into heartfelt song and dance. Anyone attending can gain an inspirational, poetic and optimistic perspective of life.”

– A. Alibrio, Naturopathic Physician, Cottonwood, AZ


12. “The ’Growing Up Larry’ show shines in a idyllic way as it addresses the complexity and essence of life. It comes alive in Larry’s vivid personal stories and nostalgic songs. In the tradition of a classic Broadway show, Larry’s performance oscillates between love/happiness and sadness/fear. His songs nail the meaning of life as a choice between illusion and reality.”

– J. Su, Artist and Concept Designer, New York, NY


13. “Larry’s one-man show was a refreshing performance, enjoyed by the entire audience of mainly New Yorkers. The show enabled me to visit the 20th century, in a moving and thought-provoking way. It felt like vaudeville, with the right blend of singing, spoken word, humor, and some two-steping. Buffo and kudos to my man, Larry.”

– J.M. Ragin, Teacher to the Elderly, Atlanta, GA


14. “Larry, your one-man show and your website are an inspiration. I walk much more comfortably knowing that you are there and sharing it with the world.”

– A. Ferguson, Life Coach, Edinburgh, Scotland


15. “Larry’s one-man show, a musical escapade through his multidimensional life, is full of laughter and pathos. His singing and prancing feet bring to mind images of classic vaudeville performers. His transitions between storytelling and songs are carried through with smooth professional aplomb. Indeed, Larry’s talent belongs on Broadway.”

– L. Ying, Ph.D., Creator, KLYSTAR, Hoboken, NJ


16. “I’ve seen many musical shows in my nine decades, and I’ve spent most of my life as a professional entertainer. Although I knew Larry, I was unprepared for his amazing cabaret showmanship – his life’s deeply human stories, ease of improvising, agility in dancing, and intimate rapport with an elderly audience. What impressed me was how Larry was totally himself, exquisitely honest in sharing, with his heart on display, as if talking only to me. Like a great actor, Larry was natural and authentic, with no artifice and male posturing, revealing his true self and simply not acting. In my experience, he is unique in combining his life’s wisdom and a dazzling show. I’m the ultimate critic, but in Larry’s case, I can only say, ‘Larry, you’re Broadway bound!’”

– E. Barber, Retired Hollywood and Broadway Performer, Cottonwood, AZ


17. “With heartfelt courage, sincerity, humor and song, Larry relates his life story – and what an interesting one it is. His riveting performance shows the healing power of facing your fears and pursuing your dreams.”

– S. Schenholm, Voice-over Actor, Sedona, AZ


18. “Larry’s bright, happy personality and presence shine through in this performance. The show is an entertaining journey that sheds light and insight into the joys and challenges of living an alternative lifestyle and living in another culture. Bravo!”

– P. Galbavy, Performance Artist, Sedona, AZ


19. “Larry’s one-man show is a great open-hearted celebration of a life still in progress, a testimony to a man who has lived many lives in one body.”

– R. Abrahamson, Oriental Medical Doctor, Sedona, AZ


20. “Larry’s show shares more than humor and wisdom. The beautiful connection that he has developed within himself comes through the performance, inspiring the audience to reflect on their own lives. The deep ‘vulnerability’ of his performance was key to my having this experience.”

S. Beiler, Holistic Health Practitioner, Sedona, AZ


21. “What a brave, spirited, entertaining, and inspiring program Larry has crafted from the chapters of his life. I am still applauding.”

– A. Magal, Rabbi, Jewish Community of Sedona & the Verde Valley, Sedona, AZ


22. “What a refreshing and honest way for one to bare the soul in the light of growth, humility and humor. Allowing the conservative and the curious to cross their boundaries to commune with the differences. Everyone went home with more of themselves and pieces of each other.”

– R. De La Croix, Sonic Alchemist, Sedona, AZ


23. “Larry is one of the most sincere and aware people I know. I envision Larry’s one-man show becoming a personal healing experience for everyone who attends, exciting and igniting a place inside you that you have kept hidden from the world. ‘Larry’s Show’ is really ‘Your Show’!”

– L. Deir, Author of the Book, Guided, Sedona, AZ


24. “Larry’s one-man show is a heartwarming, fun and inspirational theatrical experience for all ages, especially the 55+ group. Larry himself comes across as the authentic Larry. Bravo, Larry, you have given new meaning to the concepts of creative re-invention and youthing.”

– E. Rolf, Personal Mentor and Seminar Presenter, Paradise Valley, AZ


25. “Larry’s one-man show was fabulous. Plenty of real-life emotions – funny at times and also brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful performance. I enjoyed all of it, especially his strut!”

– J. Momper, Retired, Ft. Wright, KY


26. “I love Larry’s one-man! He has done an amazing job of combining his own life experience, songs, and inspiration to help others find insight and healing on their journey of life. I appreciate his Japanese ‘touch,’ as I grew up in Japan and understand his deep love for its people and culture!”

– M. Hoaglund, Transformational Energy Healer and End-of-Life Coach, Boulder, CO


27. “The ‘Growing Up Larry’s show brought Larry’s life to life in stories and songs. Full of life’s lessons, I found the show to be touching, amusing, entertaining, and inspiring. Do you want to know more about living, healing, and loving? Then Larry’s one-man show is your unique and entertaining resource.”

– C. Lippman, Active Volunteer, Sedona, AZ


28. “I was absolutely amazed when I attended Larry’s one-man show. I had no idea what to expect and found myself laughing and sometimes crying at the same time. Seeing Larry put his life on the line with humor and grace made me feel like I was watching a little boy become a man.”

– G. Willenberg, Educator, Sedona, Arizona


29. “Larry has the gift to take difficult, very personal experiences and sing through the difficulty with grace and inspiration. I found this to be very entertaining; but more than anything else, it inspired courage and strength in me to go forward to truly embrace and express who I am. With nothing held back!”

– J. Demetra, Designer, Rockport, MA 


30. “’Growing Up Larry’ shows the rest of us that it’s never too late to create. To create a show. To create a life. To re-create yourself – over and over again.”

– D. Dujardin, Creator of The MENding Monologues, Sedona, AZ


31. “Larry Rosenberg’s energy, love, transparency, and showmanship created a delightful experience. His one-man show was a rare chance to be fully entertained, while receiving nourishment for my spirit.”

– B. Sutter, Author and Life Coach, Sedona AZ


32. “It isn’t very often you see a show like Larry’s, where someone is willing to bare his soul so vulnerably and still hold his dignity. Larry did just that. I appreciate his guts! He is a marvel of true showmanship! And a brilliant human being!”

– P. Rohmer, Retired Actress, Cottonwood, AZ


33. “It is clear from attending’s show that he truly loves sharing his gift of music with the public.  Through his singing he takes us down memory lane.  He sings from his heart, and his passion is projected to his audience.  Our experience at being at his show was joyful and heart felt.”

– W. Parker, Ph.D, and B. Parker, Educational Consultants, Sedona, AZ


34. “I laughed, I cried. Larry is so talented. When he sang ‘Send in the Clowns,’ I was a completely in my heart. We can’t wait for his next show in Sedona.”

– T. and T. Settembrino, Sedona, AZ


35. “I found Larry’s one-man show to be a great tribute to why people love Sedona and why Sedona loves you back. The show had all the elements you look for in entertainment – fluidity, range of emotions, strong story line, and great interaction with the audience.”

S. Magid, Music Promoter, Sedona, AZ


36. “Larry performed an awesome show. It was thrilling, exciting and everything divine to create such a show. Thank you for spreading inspiration in the wonderful Larry way!”

– H. Sasaki, Spiritual Artist, Sedona, AZ


37. “I was moved by Larry’s bravery and sincere sharing of his life’s journey through his one-man show.  I am so proud of you, Larry!”

– C. Ortiz, Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, Sedona, AZ


38. “Thank you for bringing your “Growing Up Larry” show to our synagogue. It evoked emotions in the audience form humor to sadness, with belly laughs as well as tears. Your Jewish humor follows a great tradition of combining Yiddish and Hebrew content with your unique real-life experience in leaving your family and creating your own life in America. What a surprise to find you had such a love affair with Japan and the insights from your decade there.”

 – Eric Mendelsohn, Chair, Cultural Committee, Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley, Sedona, AZ


39. “What an entertaining, heartfelt show – he embodies the best of Jewish values. His openness, warmth, sense of humor, and courage are inspiring to me!”

 – P. Friedman, Retired Professor, Sedona, AZ


40. “It was a delight seeing a fellow congregant of the Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley professionally perform on stage his one-man show. His stories dealing with his life as a juvenile, young on stage adult, mid-life crisis, and present-day challenges were truly remarkable. His impersonations of various personalities during these life stages, accompanied with song, costume and back-up music, added up to an outstanding performance.”

– M. Small, Retired Business Owner, Sedona, AZ


41. “I so enjoyed Larry’s show. The performance was funny, moving, and inspirational.  He conveys so much joy while telling his life story. I loved his Jewish flare.  He has such a talent for touching a person’s heart. He doesn’t hold back expressing his life’s experiences.”

– C. Dinno, Farm Owner, Camp Verde, AZ


42. “I think Larry’s work is so important: His show is authentic. We need to hear each other’s stories of overcoming. I thank him for having the integrity to bring his perspective to people, so we all can grow together.”

– C. Tucker, Community Organizer, Sedona, AZ


43. “50% Entertainment + 50% Inspiration = 100% REAL!”

– N. Warner, Retired Educator, Sedona, AZ


44. “Larry’s concert was a heart-warming experience; he sang familiar songs, invited the audience to sing along on some of them, and gave some background to each of the songs that brought their history to light. Larry’s stage presence and performance evoked smiles, delight, cheers and a standing ovation.”

B. Litrell, Councilwoman, City of Sedona, AZ


45. “Larry doesn’t perform, he shares: his heart, soul and love. With his beautiful voice and exuberant presence, he engages his audience with joy and warmth. I can’t imagine a more pleasurable time.”

– A. Rosenfield, Ph.D., Educator, Sedona, AZ


46. “Larry’s ‘singing and spirituality’ workshop was a wondrous experience. He helped people open up to their song within by showing that singing is not about talent or ego. It is basic human expression.”

– C. Tierra, Spiritual Healer and Tour Guide, Sedona, AZ


47. “Larry’s stage presence is contagious. His energy reaches out to the audience and fills everyone with love.”

– L. Van Atta, Spiritual Healer, Sedona, AZ


48. “Larry combines wit, wisdom, humor and kindest of heart with his entertaining songfest. Once you experience Larry, you too will open to loving him and be open to the warming messages he sends!”

– L. Ivy, Writer, Sedona, AZ

49. “Larry is all about sharing love and joy. You cannot stop smiling when you see Larry perform and sing. His style is uplifting and inspirational, and his show was a lot of fun! I laughed, I cried, and my heart was opened.”

– J. O’Brien, Government Employee, Sedona, AZ


50. “Larry’s gift to the world is the gift of his huge heart in the way he sings his way right into yours! His singing is entertaining, inspiring and healing. Be entertained while noticing that any difficulties with your heart will melt away in joyful abandonment!”

– Rev. J. Martin, Caretaking Consultant, Sedona, AZ


51. “Larry has a wonderful stage presence and presents songs that are uplifting and inspirational. It is a joy to hear him perform contemporary and classic songs.”

– M. Van Atta, Spiritual Healer, Sedona, AZ


52. “I was so moved by Larry’s performance in his one-man show. His kind, gentle and loving spirit in describing his life’s journey is very reminiscent of the way the wonderful ‘Mr. Rogers’ touched the hearts of millions of children. Larry processes the same ability to open the hearts of baby boomers, as well as general audiences. His warm and compassionate performances reunite us with our joyful ‘inner child,’ thus allowing us to feel true joy.”

– S. Fabrizio, Human Potential Developer, Palm Beach Gardens, FL


53. “I like the comparison [that Susan Randazzo-Fabrizio made between early-TV-show-host ‘Mr. Rogers’ and Larry]. When I watched him perform his cabaret show in Cottonwood, I saw that too: Larry’s ability to share his heart, and reap the beauties of the souls of his audience of over 120 senior citizens. It was a “I like you just the way you are” time. And Larry, like Mr. Rogers, was right there with them.”

– A. Metlay, Author, Cottonwood, AZ


54. “Larry’s Cabaret Show was creative, fun, and brought a smile to the face of every resident in the room! We are eager to have him return with another show as soon as the next one comes out!  I would highly recommend Larry’s show for any senior population.”

– S. Allen, Activity Director, Cottonwood Village, Cottonwood, AZ


55. “Your many hats in the show, your animated stories and songs, and your obvious passion are infectious!”

– J.P. Smith, Professor, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan


56. “’Growing up Larry’ is start-to-finish total entertainment. It is a one-man vaudevillian show with quick, witty scenes and costume changes that leave your head spinning and your belly laughing. It has a pure heart-rending dimension: Larry’s life story resonates with anyone who has struggled with aspects of his or her life – and who hasn’t. You don’t want to miss this show.”

– R. Fridley, Retired Physician Assistant, Sedona, AZ


57. “I had the privilege of seeing Larry’s Cabaret Show at an apartment complex for seniors. Like a skilled magician, Larry used his infectious smile and warm, caring spirit to engage his audience. He used his repertoire of songs the seniors knew well. He charmed the audience with his no-wrong-answers approach to quiz questions about their shared history. I was captivated by the magic spell he wove. It was a joy to watch him freely prance and heartily sing. Larry’s lively entertainment is a wonderful celebration of life!”

– A. Metlay, Author, Cottonwood, AZ


58. “I want to thank Larry for sharing his delightful life with us. His show was inspiring and uplifting. He is talented in so many ways. The show made me realize how each chapter of our lives can be filled with gratitude and love of life and friends! He warmed the audience’s hearts on a chilly evening by sharing his life in story and music. He is truly a Universal Superstar.”

– M. Margaret, Harpist, Sedona, AZ


59. “Larry Rosenberg is a pilgrim! In the 7th decade of his life, he discovered a calling that personifies discovery, pain, honesty, admission, and his innate ability to communicate life, and allow the audience inside his beautiful heart. I understand life more after experiencing Larry’s show!”

– B.N. Risser, Lyricist, Author, Voice Actor and Wordsmith, Sedona, AZ


60. “It was a wonderfully uplifting show – my second time seeing it – and I enjoyed it like the first time. Very touching, brought tears to my eyes, and made me laugh at the same time! Wonderful!”

– M. Orah, Sedona Kundalini Yoga & Meditation by Margareth, Sedona, AZ


61. “’Growing Up Larry’ was entertaining in a big way. In 70 minutes, Larry talked and sang about the 72 years of his life in a way that was intriguing, intensely personal, and downright honest – about one man’s pursuit of an authentic life. His musical show is a must-see event, the next time you hear about it.”

– A. Comello, Marketeer, Sedona, AZ

62. “I enjoyed Larry’s off-off-off Broadway musical cabaret show.  I laughed and cried. I sang along his many songs, and went back in time to the incredible New York City of 1970.  How charming Larry is, and how happy his show is!”

– E. Pace, Bookkeeper, Sedona, AZ


63. “Your one-man show, I loved it, loved it, loved it…really, really entertaining. All through your show about your ‘life crossroads,’ while so different than mine, I kept checking in with my own life, saying, yeah, I know what that feels like: Happy, disappointed, loved, stressed, unique, sick, well, lost, party on. It was a wonderful show.”

– L. Roemer, PhD, Nurse Practitioner, Sedona, AZ


64. “’Growing Up Larry’ was a pure delight. I had seen Larry’s one-man musical show in its first preview, a year ago, and he has grown much since then as an artist. He was so comfortable with himself on stage – he really owned the space. He told his life story in lively song and dance, and his interplay with the audience was warm and loving. I highly recommend Larry’s show to everyone who enjoys theater.”

– V. Lloyd, Author, Actress and Book Editor, Sedona, AZ


65. “I was transported by watching Larry Rosenberg in his one-man show ‘Growing Up Larry, My Liberation from The Lie.’ I walked into the auditorium expecting to watch Larry share experiences from his life, and show us how these changed him. Instead I found I was thinking of the lies in my own life and how I am working to accept and change these for me. Larry’s wit, his complete honesty, and his self-acceptance helped me to see ways I can climb out of my own closet, regardless of what kind of clothes I hang in there.”

– A. Metlay, Retired Teacher, Clarkdale, AZ


66. “In Larry’s one-man show, he sings, he dances, he makes you laugh, he makes you sad, he inspires you, he opens his heart and yours, and he embodies that we are indeed all One. Not to be missed!”

– E. Oakes, Ph.D., Co-owner of Ethereal Publications, Sedona, AZ


67. “The public Larry who I know has a lot of energy and positivity. ‘The Larry Show’ is a great container that allows the audience to experience the deeper emotional and spiritual content of his life. Seldom does a friend share so much about his/her stages of developing into a ‘whole person’.”

– J. Oakes, Professional Visual Artist, Sedona, AZ


68. “We want to tell you how very, very, very much we enjoyed your performance of your unique one-man show. It was brave, touching, funny, creative, artful, entertaining, beautiful and wonderful!  Terrifically conceived and extremely moving. And did I say inspirational? We’ve never seen a performance of a show like yours.”

– D. and M. Darvick, journalist, and retired attorney, respectively, Birmingham, MI


69. “I thoroughly enjoyed a very entertaining evening with Larry Rosenberg’s superb, funny and moving performance of his one-man show, full of rich stories and songs.”

– E. Gee, Program Manager, Sedona, AZ


70. “Bravo! I loved your show and how you put your heart into every part of it. You have led a colorful, juicy and fascinating life. You managed to live it with excitement and delightful play! While you felt you had to hide aspects of yourself, because of what ‘society’ accepted, I was heartened to see that now you can be all of you, with nothing to hide. It was well worth my flying from New Jersey to Arizona to see you perform live.”

– D. Jarosz, Hair Artist, Whitehouse Station, NJ


71. “Larry’s show was an amazing performance. I was very moved, and could relate to his life’s struggles and triumphs. I really enjoyed the audience participation, and the humor he used to make us more aware of our basic human experiences. The audience was so moved at times that we cheered for Larry, as well as felt his pain during his lowest moments. His heart and soul are what makes the performance so tangible for us who see it.”

– B. Jarosz, IT Network Operations Tech, Sedona AZ


72. “What a wonderful show, Larry! I was captivated through the entire show, which quite surprised me. You’re an incredible Entertainer. I loved hearing every part of your life story in the honest way you chose to share it! Thank you for all you do, and being such a bright light in this world.”

– M. Monet, Mystic, Songwriter and Musician, Sedona, AZ


73. “What a beautiful evening to take part in your life-story show, Growing Up Larry. I felt loved and embraced during the time and space we shared, through your colorful stories and touching songs – in a spirit of timeless presence.“

– M. Etzler-Christianson, Therapist, Healer, Spiritual Counselor, Sedona, AZ


74. “Larry, you took my breath away with your one-person show performance, which I have seen you present three times before. I cried while seeing the show, and afterwards discussing it with a friend. In your ‘I Am What I Am’ finale song, you exhibited grace, glory and humbleness. I loved how you were during the Q&A period: So You, so Real, with complete comfort and confidence. It moved and mesmerized me to witness your performances going deeper and getting more profound.”

– I. Greene, Remote Spiritual Healer and Happiness Coach, Sedona, AZ


75. “Squeeze the juice out of life and savour it! That’s what I experienced from Larry’s show – a VIP ride through the decades of his life. With his charismatic personality, he carried the audience energetically through a lifetime of trials and triumphs; what we were left with was connection. The songs and dances of his life were full of laughter, sorrow and redemption. The vulnerability in his naked honesty cracked me open, so that I could see my own light a bit brighter.”

– T. Greenfield, Concierge, Sedona, AZ


76. “With unabashed openness and refreshing authenticity, Larry pulls you into his show’s story, making you laugh and cry almost on the same breath. He creates a safe space for all to embrace a zest for life, and ‘I am what I am’ and ‘proud of it’ attitude. Thank you, Larry, for sharing a slices of your life; you make me hungry for more!”

– L. Beth, Producer and Director, Sedona, AZ


77. “I was very moved by Larry’s show and his courage to share his innermost feelings. It was also funny and uplifting! Thumbs up, Larry!”

– V. Hagelberg, Singer and Songwriter, Sedona, AZ


78. “Larry’s show is an inspirational journey through the ups and downs of life, and how to meet each new challenge with grace and optimism. His show reminded me of times in my own life when I felt like I didn’t fit in – into my family, my job, my place of residence, and even my own mind. It gave me hope that life can and do get better, especially if you can laugh through it all, as Larry has.”

W. Oden, Marketing Professional, Sedona, AZ


79. “Larry’s show is a MUST see!!! He is hilarious and such a joy to watch. Entertainment non-stop!”

– M. Christensen, Real Estate Agent, Provo, UT


80. “Larry’s wonderful show had me laughing and crying.  He integrated the heart, the head, and the ‘hara’ in an entertaining and meaningful way. Many thanks for the splendid fun!”

– S. Soller, Beverage Entrepreneur, Sedona, AZ


81. “In his show, Larry gave a unique and moving performance! I felt his struggles, desires and joys, and also ‘my own,’ with a new sense of compassion, courage and, yes, humor. ‘Where in my life am I not truly me, and how can I change that?’ I asked while observing Larry’s journey. His last song ‘I Am What I Am’ still resonates in me; it joyously proclaims: Listen to your inner voice, dare to be free, embrace all your facets, and create a fulfilling life that is all your own!”

– I. Broszeit-Rieger, PhD, Retired Associate Professor of German, Oakland University (MI), Sedona, AZ


82. “While embodying everything I’d expect of a superb entertainer – his heart shining throughout the performance – Larry unfolds the joys and painful turning points of his life. His story is punctuated with foot-tapping song and dance. His life experiences made me reflect on my own life as he invited me fully into his.”

– M. Mulcahy, Retired Psychotherapist, Sedona, AZ


83. “What a wonderful show Larry performed. I believe that the world could benefit from more enlightening entertainment like his. I hope he keeps sharing his love and compassion with more and more people.”

– R. Blough, Retired Businessperson, Camp Verde, AZ


84. “I enjoyed Larry’s show very much. It had many humorous as well as poignant moments. I hope that I will have as much courage as Larry with my future endeavors. I honor his imagination and willingness to share his story fully with others.”

– N. Rodman, Retired Language Teaching, Camp Verde, AZ


85. “Larry’s show was a hour-plus of pure delight. He conveys his exceptional life though storytelling, singing lovely old tunes and putting on costumes. While eliciting laughter and tears from the audience, he shares an inspirational journey of his life that touches the heart and opens the mind. I left with a warm feeling of having shared Larry’s remarkable life.”

– N. Friedman, Retired Professional, Sedona, AZ


86. “Larry’s show is heart-warming and heart-expanding – celebrating the diversity of human experience, as together we try to make sense of our journey here on Earth, as we long for fuller connection with and expression of our Divine Source.”

– D.L. Hyatt, Retired Policy Analyst, Sedona, AZ


87. “I really enjoyed Larry’s energetic performance in his amazing one-man, but many-personalities, show. The show was surprising, entertaining and moving. While I am much older than Larry, who is 73, I could see ‘my’ life’s struggles and joys in ‘his’ life’s journey.”

– A. Frost, Retired Nurse, Sedona, AZ


88. “Larry’s show was an uplifting look into the way one person used the adversities and opportunities of his life to become most fully himself. Larry moves seamlessly through the humorous and the tragic, the mundane and the extraordinary, and the dramatic and the lighter moments of life. We had a thoroughly good time and came away inspired by his message.”

– L. and J. Fuentes, Transformation Teaching, LLC, Sedona, AZ


89. “Larry’s show is intimate and touching. He inspires us all to live authentically and from love. Larry is truly admirable in his honesty and fun as heaven in his entertaining.”

– D. Posney, Wayshower and Life Alchemist, Sedona, AZ”


90. “The Larry Show is an absolute delight. It is a lighthearted, joyful, and very entertaining showcase portraying a confused man’s evolution from being ashamed of and masking his true nature for the approval of a judgmental society to finally accepting and celebrating his authentic self. It is a life lesson that resonates and is relevant to every one of us:  Find the courage to love yourself and be who you truly are to feel not only self love – but love, joy, and acceptance for others!”

– M. McLean, Writer and Editor, Telluride, CO


91. “With ease and grace, Dr. Larry Rosenberg reveals on stage his unbridled talent with wisdom, passion and humor. He laces his one-man show with entertaining songs and dialog, as he engages and faces his audience. Thought provoking, seamlessly encouraging and emotionally touching, the show invites the audience to be more self-accepting and more tolerant of human differences. Larry concludes: ‘If you need to come out of ‘your own closet,’ whatever it may be, then your own truth will set you free.’ The man on stage simply glows throughout the performance.”

– B. Jenai-Myers, Author and Artist, Sedona, AZ


92. “Larry Rosenberg’s one-man ‘Growing Up Larry’ show was the perfect blend of the uplifting energy of Broadway showstoppers, set to the tune of his amazing life, and sung with vitality, humor and creative verve. Often ‘hill-larry-ous’ and at times touching, Larry’s show is solid entertainment that does the heart good.”

– C.W. Wells, Director, Integral Sedona, Sedona, AZ


93. “Larry’s enjoyable autobiographical show was professional and easy to follow. He is a true master in his delivery and the way he related to the audience. Mixing Broadway classics with his personal story was done seamlessly and joyfully.”

– A. Pivnick, Retired Businessperson, Cottonwood, AZ


94. “I loved Larry’s singing and spontaneity, and now I admire his amazing courage. His show is a great tribute to the evolution of consciousness, gay or otherwise. Also, with his whimsy and songs, he helps us ALL get out of the boxes we hide in. What a fine work of dramatic art and with social impact too!”

– J.B. Marini, Interior Design Consultant and Instructor, Sedona, AZ


95. “I truly enjoyed your show! You’ve had a life of incredible privilege, but also one with immense struggles. I’m thrilled that you’ve reached the point where you’re now a happy soul, because life is brief and fragile. Your one-person show brings your rich and layered story alive for the audience.”

– D. Moy, Businessperson, Sedona, AZ


96. “I thoroughly enjoyed Larry’s ‘Growing Up Larry’ show. I was so tickled when you entered singing, and the way you integrated your stories with song, dance, humor and emotion. I appreciated your wishing us to ‘get out of whatever closets we are in.’ Heartfelt congrats and hugs to you for sharing yourself so deeply.”

– R. Rxy, Essential Oils and Fitness Instructor, Cottonwood, AZ


97. “Starting with Larry growing up in Philadelphia and me being raised in The Bronx (we’re the same age), he and I have lived ‘different’ life paths. But as I watched, enjoyed, sang along and tapped my feet to his ‘Growing Up Larry’ one-guy show, I realized that we’ve experienced the ‘same’ inner dynamics of our journeys. On the stage, as he took off his ‘masks’ with each intimate story and Broadway song, I looked into the ‘mirror’ he created in front of me, and deeply felt how my life too has also been an adventure worth examining, celebrating and sharing!”

– A. Dionisio, Social Services, Cottonwood, AZ


98. “What really touched me the most about Larry in his one-person show was his willingness to bare his soul in front of us. His openness allowed his delight in life to shine through. And this delight was infectious!”

– J. Smith, Businessperson, Prescott, AZ


99. “A spectacular show. Do you want an evening of unique entertainment? Enjoy this heart-opening show. From start to finish, there is always something fresh and upbeat to experience.”

– F. Hughes, VP Sales and Marketing (retired), Sedona, AZ


100. “Larry’s one-man show was very entertaining; we really got the feeling of what it was like growing up Jewish and gay, at a time when it wasn’t okay to be out of the closet. Oy! Being a maverick, Larry is paving the way for many souls to learn what an authentic life is about.”

– V. Shahin, Medical Professional, Sedona, AZ


101. “What a treat! We had a great time at Larry’s delightful cabaret show. He’s funny, warm, interesting and sometimes a total goof! So glad his hidden talents are no longer hidden. Thanks for the sing-along too – we knew and loved all the oldies. Anyone who lives in or visits Sedona should definitely see this show!”

– S. and L. Geller, Elvis Presley Legend Keepers, Sedona, AZ


102. “The Larry Show is awesome. The joy you experience in each production is evident in the glow of your smile, glitter of your eyes, and enthusiasm in your writings. It’s so wonderful to see this and for you to share it with us. The fun you’re having in this creative effort of sharing love with the world is fantastic to behold.”

– R.S. Colfax, PhD, Professor of Human Resources & Management, University of Guam, Mangilao, GU


103. “What an absolute delight! Larry’s Show is a wonderful and heartfelt hop, skip, and jump down memory lane that cheers the soul and can’t help but bring smiles and laughter. It’s beautifully performed by Larry, who is entirely devoted to spreading love and shining a light on happiness. Along with charming stories that everyone can relate to, Larry sings and dances to musical accompaniment and simply makes one’s spirit glad to be alive.”

– M. McLean, Author, Sedona, AZ


104. “Larry puts his heart and soul into his show. He is witty, sensitive and honest as he relives his life on stage. If you want a good laugh as well as a good cry, you will love Larry’s show.”

– L. Adler, M.D., Energy Healer, Sedona, AZ


105. “Larry’s cabaret show is an uplifting and inspiring journey of life lessons, humor and songs. Everyone can relate to his musical interpretation of his zestful life. This show is a wonderfully entertaining experience for all ages.”

– C. Ochser, CEO, Sedona Stargazing, Sedona, AZ


106. “Larry is amazing at weaving humor, song and storytelling into a show that keeps you entertained from beginning to end. I loved his song choices, storytelling skill and creative costumes. Larry’s life story was a thrill ride of ups and downs, fun and adventure!”

– J. Kiefer, Reiki Master, Teacher and Freelancer, Sedona, AZ


107. “In his show, Larry exudes boldness and courage, and reveals his ‘shadow side’ for the audience to witness. He exemplifies the willingness to drop his masks, bare his vulnerability, and bring his old darkest secrets into the light of consciousness. When it comes to his ‘inner child,’ Larry is Sedona’s New Age version of the creative entertainers I grew us with.”

– D. Ackerman, D.C., Chiropractor, Cottonwood, AZ


108. “At Larry’s show, I sat in the front row! Indeed, 1.5 hours seemed more like 15 minutes. I hummed the songs, shuffled the dances, and cried when my heart ached. I took Larry’s hand when he extended it to me as ‘his mom’ as I sat on the front row. In an instant, I experienced a ‘mom’ empowerment, a bigger and more inclusive self. Buy the ticket and see the show! Discover and fall in love with yourself again.”

– P. Hanns, Educator and Writer, Sunriver, OR


109. “Don’t be misled by Larry Rosenberg’s ‘Growing Up Larry’ being called a ‘show’; while it is very entertaining (with song, dance and humor), it is way more than a show. Indeed, you are more likely to be ‘thrown’ by the very personal impact his performance can have on you. In bringing to life a broad variety of sketches, Larry has found a way to stimulate multiple ‘ahas’ and insights in you. He skillfully mirrored some of my own life experiences. And while the show’s details were personal to him, the dynamics are universal. It was obvious that I was not the only one being gently entertained, but deeply moved. All of this is happening in the awesome ‘container’ of vulnerability and safety that he creates as he moves through his authentic and healing performance. Give yourself a treat, and your therapist a break. You deserve it!”

– M. McFeely, Healer, Bend, OR


110. “Larry’s cabaret is a very fun show. I liked it so much that I went home and learned its final song ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doh-Dah,’ and sang it to all my friends. If your intention was to inspire me, you did! You have a true gift for the stage. Keep going. I love what you’re doing!”

– N. Robb Dunst, Actor, Sedona, AZ


111. “I smiled during Larry’s entire cabaret show! It lifted my spirits. Thank you, Larry.” –

– M. Orah, Sacred Guide and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Sedona, AZ


112. “Larry, I love your show! You are an amazing man who has inspired and encouraged me, and I adore you! Three times I’ve seen your show, and always felt it inspired me to be myself and encourage others to be who they are. This is the purpose of life. With your story of transformation, you encourage all of us to be who we are. It’s never too late for any one to be who they are, even if it’s their last day!”

– Dr. L. Roemer, Psychiatric/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner and Zenprov Troup Member, Sedona, AZ


113. “In his ‘Larry’s Cabaret Show,’ Larry’s gentle humor and warmth wrapped around us as he shared memories and reflections, including stories about his mother and father, and then sang his favorite songs linked to them.  His songs were familiar, and we responded willingly when he invited us to sing along and keep time with the music. With his Cabaret, Larry inspires us to boldly share ourselves and our stories with others.”

– C. Strom, Vocal Performer, Actor and Composer, Clarkdale, AZ


114. “Let Larry take you on a delightful trip down memory lane with songs of love and life in his cabaret show. Guaranteed to make you smile.”

– D. Carson, Retired Salesperson, Sedona, AZ


115. “My husband and I enjoyed Larry Rosenberg’s “The Liberation of Larry” last year, and now we have been delighted by his new “Larry’s Cabaret Show.” The Cabaret is poignant, brave, entertaining, moving, thought provoking and inspiring. Days later, I still smile in recollection at his latest wonderful show. We’ve never seen a performance like Larry’s. Don’t miss him.”

– D. Darvick, Author and Advice Columnist, Birmingham, MI


116. “’Larry’s Cabaret Show’ is a walk down memory lane for people who enjoy Broadway shows! Larry’s show isn’t just about Entertainment; it’s about Inspiration. It’s about the energy transmitted through entertainers and the people we grew up who shaped us. Larry’s storytelling is creative, artful and inspiring. He shares his own deep insights about relating to family and how he learned to appreciate and honor those who trained him in both the arts and intellect. He shares how he learned to combine them both to be authentic to himself; a journey that we all must make. My favorite moment was his rendition of ‘Oh My Papa,’ because his story about reconciling with his dad, late in life, was so inspirational that it brought tears to my eyes. Larry’s personal transformation into breaking free of the judgments, conditioning and restrictions of the world are a message to us all to Wake Up and be true to ourselves!

– E. Monet, Spiritual Healer, Sedona, AZ


117. “I loved ‘Larry’s Cabaret Show’! The venue was packed and the cozy set-up allowed the audience to intimately share the love, joy, laughter and generous applause. People sang along, stomped feet, and danced in their seats. The show was highly entertaining, and so much fun with Larry’s sparkling personality and high energy shining upon us. The jokes, songs and inspiring stories were delightful. I loved the way Larry engaged everyone in the audience.

– I. Greene, Spiritual Healer, Sedona, AZ


118. “I really enjoyed your ‘Larry’s Cabaret Show.’ It caused me to sing along, laugh out loud, and have a very exciting experience. You are a wonderful performer! Thank you for being ‘here’ in Sedona to entertain and inspire us!”

– E. Shimono, Healer and Tour Guide, Sedona, AZ


119. “Absolutely Amazing! ‘Larry’s Cabaret Show’ was magnificent, entertaining, fun, inspiring, touching and well performed. Larry Rosenberg is a brilliant Soul, who I feel honored to call my friend. He touched my heart in ways words can’t describe, mainly because he has the courage to be authentic and self-expressed. Thank you, Larry, for showing all of us ‘what we Can Be when we grow up’. Congratulations for the full house – I could feel that everyone had a terrific time.”

– V. Lopez, Spiritual Tour Leader, Sedona, AZ


120. “Larry’s one-man musical has developed into an Amazing Show. Larry is spot-on terrific! His performance [on April 1, 2016] at Unity of Sedona for [the Sedona homeless alliance’s] fundraiser was fantabulous. People were moved to tears and cheers. Bravo, Larry!”

– S. Jepperson, Producer, Director, Entertainer and Teacher, Sedona, AZ


121. “Larry’s show touches our hearts in a vivid way, by singing poignant and lively songs, and sharing stories from his exciting life. I love how he bounces around the stage, singing Zip-a-Dee-Do-Dah and other old favorites. Larry reminds us that life today is to be savored and celebrated.”

– A. Crosman, Author and Journalist, Sedona, AZ


122. “Your cabaret show was wonderful, delightful and inspiring! Thanks so much for doing your ‘calling’. I’m still humming the closing song Zippidy Doo Dah!”

– N. Rose, Book Author and Publishing Support, Sedona, AZ


123. “I had the great pleasure of running the audio for Larry’s show, so I learned all the punch lines, and never tired of his tales – for this is an authentic presentation from the soul. Larry’s ‘Joy and Happiness’ are infectious, as he laughs and bares the subtlest nuances of his life’s story with the audience. He has good reason to be Happy, as his is the triumphant story of a man who found his way at last to himself, and continues to revel unabashedly in that uniqueness. His show is a touching, witty and inspirational musical rendition of ‘The Hero’s Journey’.”

– T. Abeyta, Graphic Artist, Sedona, AZ


124. “Thank you so much for a wonderful, fun-filled afternoon of watching your ‘The Liberation of Larry’ show. It’s entertaining and wonderful to see such energy. Looking forward to the next show you will perform.”

– C. Ross, Producer, Emerson Theater Collaborative, Sedona, AZ


125. “I work and talk with people of all ages and I’ve heard quite a few of them say (and feel): ‘It’s too late for me to change my life’’; to which I always strongly disagree. I believe that at any age all we have to do is really want to bring our truest magic into the world, and then there is always a way! A living example of this fact is my dear friend Larry Rosenberg who after years of being a professor, trainer and consultant, at 71 created and started performing his own one-man musical show ‘The Liberation of Larry’ that tells his fascinating life story and offers practical wisdom. And in the process, Larry seems to be getting younger, healthier and more vigorous every day since he launched his show!”

– I. Greene, Remote Soul Healer, Awakening Coach, Mystic and Teacher, Sedona, AZ


126. “You have joined the ranks of actors who not only perform with great talent, but perform works that uplift humanity.”

– D. Ross-Reynolds, Director, Writer and Actor, Sedona, AZ


127. “A very thoughtful, inspiring, and entertaining show! Thoughtful for its key message – the search for an ‘authentic’ life lived from the inside out. Inspiring, given that it was your own story, disarmingly performed with a detachment that comes only when you’re brave enough to take off the masks. Entertaining, because of the many good songs and humor throughout. You left me laughing, but also pondering what ‘my story’ would be, and whether I’d have the ‘cojones grandes’ to tell it like you do!”

– R. Rasch, Retired Foreign Policy Advisor, Sedona, AZ and Heidelberg, Germany


128. “You have developed a most clever way to awaken people. You create such fun!”

– C. Bannigan, Energy Healer, Ettalong Beach, NSW, Australia


129. “Ever heard of WISDOM-TAINMENT – Wisdom from his life lessons wrapped in hilarious Entertainment? That’s ‘The Larry Show’ for you:  A unique and uplifting blend of music, humor and inspirational stories that go directly to your heart. Dr. Larry wants you to lead an extraordinary life – full of happiness, creativity and verve. He wants you to flow and feel alive – unburdened by the limitations of past experiences, happenstance and stories. Putting a life in perspective and filling it with humor, Dr. Larry’s goal is to unleash your potential so you can soar. So you can be the authentic you. Graced with his wit, intellect, experience and joy – he is a much-needed source of inspiration and guidance in our lives!”

– V. Porak de Varna, CEO and Founder, The Energy Paradigm, Denver, CO


130. “Given that English is my second language, I entered the ‘Growing Up Larry’ show feeling concerned about listening to him, and expecting to become bored during the show’s 90 minutes. Instead, I was totally captivated, fascinated and engrossed. As my profession is energy healing, I could feel and appreciate that in his 70s Larry’s stories, humor, songs and dances were synergistically generating energy that opened, touched and uplifted me. The audience and he were connected, and intimately so. And because of his clear articulation and multidimensional performance, I could relax, understand and enjoy the entire show.”

– L. Hunt, Energy Healer, Sedona, AZ


131. “As a former entertainer at top nightclubs in New York City, I had modest expectations about how I would feel about Larry Rosenberg’s one-man show ‘The Liberation of Larry.’ But this ‘son of a Sedona Vortex’ enchanted me with a barrage of moving stories and familiar songs. I laughed repeatedly, I buzzed from singing along all the songs, and I applauded as if I were at Carnegie Hall. By the time the curtain came down, I was in an altered state of energetic bliss. Great going, Larry.”

– R.W. Hunt, Retired Entertainer, Sedona, AZ


132. “With your ‘The Larry Show,’ I believe you have a unique and powerful presentation to contribute to advancing the coming New Humanity.”

– M.B. Miles, Owner, Lazuli Jewelry & Accessories, Cottonwood, AZ


133. “In every photo I’ve seen of you, you are smiling your ‘The Larry Show’ face – the Larry you share with all of us, not just in the show, but it’s the Larry you are – joyous, confident, inspiring and holding the possibility out there for others to grab their lives and celebrate them, too. It’s the face I know so well, lighting up your world and the world of the people you reach.”

–  D. Darvick, Co-creator of Picture a Conversation™, Birmingham, MI


134. “I enjoyed Larry’s show immensely. He shares meaningful events from his own life in a way that allows a person to see themselves in his stories. This ‘mirroring’ promotes reflection into one’s own life in a non-threatening way through laughter and song. It’s a wonderful way to spend an evening and I highly recommend this show to everyone.”

– C. Authier, Clinical Psychologist, Cottonwood, AZ


135. “I have been inspired by your work, your perseverance and your willingness to share your talents and experience in writing, creating, performing and producing. What a package!”

– C. Strom, Vocal Performer, Actor and Composer, Clarkdale, AZ


136. “Shalom, Larry, Your spirit is so unique. Thank you for sharing your entertaining and uplifting energy with my tour group from Israel when we visited Sedona.”

– A. Segal, Telos Teacher and Author, Tel Aviv, Israel


137. “The usual barrier between Larry on the stage and me in the audience seemed to disappear. With each childhood tale, he awakened in me keen feelings, although he grew up in America and I in Russia. I was in sync with him, alive to his bright smiles, emotional shadows, amusing dances and easy walks across the stage. As a virtual extension of his words and actions, I felt intimately connected to the meaning of his stories, joy of his laughter, and magic of his heart-filled songs. For me, Larry’s show was an enthusiastic theatrical evening, with important themes, animated behavior and engaging philosophy. From his thirst for exploring and expressing highlights of his life, he created a highly energy-charged experience of mystery, fun and happiness.”

– A. Tarasov, International Artist, Phoenix, AZ


138. “During Larry’s Cabaret Show, I had a warm feeling in my heart of love and nostalgia. The show was a joyful invitation to celebrate life, Larry’s and mine, in all its intimacy, innocence and affection. He sparkled with a ton of fun, laughter at himself, and love for his parents, the audience and Humanity. What an original and creative show, based on Larry’s unique and amazing life. Молодец [Good job]!

– S. Tarasov, Healer, Phoenix, AZ


139. “Viewing the lively photos of you in your vivid red and black costume from your cabaret show, and knowing your character for 50 years, I see you are pioneering the ‘new theatre entertainment’ in a world that needs people to tell their stories. It is inspiring that you share your life story in a colorful, soulful, sincere and artistic way, and give your full energy for Humanity.”

– Dr. E.J. Ain, Musician and Psychotherapist, New York, NY


140. “Larry’s Show was funny, heartwarming and sweet. Taking us through the memories of his life with upbeat songs, which the whole audience could sing along with, made it all the more personal. I thoroughly enjoyed going on this journey with him.”

– J. Carroll, Performing Artist and Teacher, Sedona, AZ


141. “I had the pleasure of seeing Larry’s Cabaret Show. While not sure what to expect at first, I was swept away by Larry’s enthusiasm and personal anecdotes. In an intimate gathering, he immediately made everyone comfortable. We took a journey through time, with a wide variety of tunes, including patriotic songs, show tunes, and pop culture favorites, all woven around Larry’s life story. Larry’s show allowed the audience to sit back and reflect on their own lives through his songs and stories, and we left feeling reinvigorated and inspired to have fun every day. I highly recommend Larry’s Cabaret Show – it is fun, entertaining and thought provoking.”

– J. Perry, Development Director, Verde Valley Sanctuary, Cornville, AZ


142. “Larry is a singing, dancing, acting, comedian whose exuberant talent is reminiscent of the ‘classic Hollywood’ showmen of old. His talent and ‘chutzpah’ [Yiddish for ‘audacity’] are inexhaustible! His strong command of the stage allows the audience to relax and enjoy his magical, fun-filled show. Larry is truly Sedona’s NUMBER ONE showman!”

– S. and T. Fitzpatrick Liore, opera singer and music businessperson, respectively, Sedona, AZ


143. “Thank you so much for putting on your Cabaret Show at the Sedona Community Center! Your heart, energy, generous spirit and humor shined through in all that you did. The feedback we are getting from the lunch crowd is great. They are excited for you to come back. You really did make it a ‘Memorable Memorial Celebration’ that will be remembered for a long time. How you chose to end the show with ‘God Bless America’ was awesome! You noticed the crowd stood and sang out loud.”

– Pam Patterson, Event Coordinator, Sedona Community Center, Sedona, AZ


144. “Larry, it was a fabulous show! It is now a week later and the people who were in the audience are still raving about your show! Thank you, thank you for your creativity and generosity!”

– B. Redel, Executive Director, Sedona Community Center, Sedona, AZ


145. “Larry’s Cabaret show can be enjoyed by people of all ages. But having reached life’s ‘mature years’, I feel we boomers and seniors can get even more out of the show because of how Larry’s stories and songs bring back memories of our lives. Even beyond that, we whose lives overlap with Larry see another way to look at life – based on his show exemplifying how to live with positivity, passion, intuition, and inspiration. As he dazzled us by changing hats with each scene, Larry gave fully of himself and put his whole being on display. I have rarely seen the ‘meaning of life’ so vividly presented as cabaret entertainment.”

– L. Vandegrift, Brain Gym and Move With Balance Instructor, Sedona, AZ


146. “Going from laughter to tears, and from tears to laughter, is how you will find Larry, creator and star of his delightful Cabaret show. I did, and am still smiling with the memories of my uplifting experience. Want to become happier, then see Larry live in his personally revealing and joyously stimulating show.”

– C. Gasparro, Doctor of Group Psychology, Sedona, AZ


147. “Larry sure knows how to engage a large audience in a sunny garden. His memory-evoking stories and songs touched everyone who has shared any of the dynamics of his seven-decades journey. His songs featured gems from Broadway’s vast repertoire. With each of the nostalgic songs he belted out, people were delighted and responsive. I felt inside me and saw in the audience how Happy his show tunes made us.”

– R. Schemmer, co-owner of Vino Di Sedona, Sedona, AZ


148. “Wow, I loved Larry’s show! It kept me smiling for the entire hour! It’s first-class, top-of-the-line! The delivery of his personal stories and song choices was brilliant. Loved the way he played with the audience. And his colorful attire of hats and accessories contributed to a superb theatrical experience! If you ever find yourself needing an inspirational boost, go to one of Larry’s shows – his joyous energy is contagious and you’ll leave up-lifted.”

– S., Poet, Dancer and Singer, Cottonwood, AZ


149. “Larry’s show was a pure delight to watch. He kept us laughing and entertained for a fast-paced hour. It was fun to hear everyone sing along several of the songs in the show!”

– T. Shadley, Owner of Organize A-Z, Sedona, AZ


150. “Larry cabaret show enlightens and entertains, spreading joy with every story and song. I highly recommend seeing and enjoying this exuberant show.”

– C. Tierra – Sedona Healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Sedona, AZ


151. “Larry’s show is creative and funny. Clever and cool. Love the hat changes. You are an amazing singer. Many thanks.”

– L. Lincoln, Retired Dancer, Actress and Psychic, Sedona AZ


152. “Larry’s show is upbeat, fun and funny! He creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, including his audience with tried-and-true sing-alongs. Interspersed are beautiful tributes to his parents, recalling both their strengths and foibles in a way in which we all could relate. Each personal story is accompanied by a song, sometimes new or sometimes well known. With comic costumes, joyful singing and sweet storytelling, Larry has created a family entertainment that will delight any audience!”

– K. Schudson, Marriage and Family Therapist, AAMFT (retired), Sedona, AZ


153. “I found Larry’s Show at the Vino De Sedona profoundly sweet and fun. A musical walk down memory lane! At my age, I certainly remember all those songs, and I loved Larry’s showmanship. Even his props were fun. My favorite song that I too still sing is Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah! Thank you, Larry!”

– Geri Whaley, Psychologist and Internet Marketer, Sedona, AZ


154. “I thoroughly enjoyed watching Larry perform his Cabaret Show. Several of his songs were stuck in my head for the last few days. While the tunes were catchy, it was Larry’s special expression of the music that had a profound effect on me. His show fun and enjoyable, and it was also moving and unique. I love the way Larry engaged the audience in his performance!”

– L. Alpert, Artist, Sedona, AZ


155. “Delightful, engaging and tons of fun! Larry’s show is inspiring and entertaining. The selection of music and singing along were the best parts of the show for me. Larry engages the audience and makes them feel like they are really in the show.”

– L. Davis, Outreach Center Director, Verde Valley Sanctuary, Clarkdale, AZ


156. “You are a real talent! Many comic actors can play only one note, but you cover the gamut of emotions with integrity and honesty. Watching you perform has confirmed for me that you are ready to accelerate your career in theater.”

– S. Liore, Opera Singer and Performance Teacher, Sedona, AZ


157. “Larry is a delightful, articulate, entertaining and loving being. He has a gift of making up songs in the moment about whatever we might be saying. He has created a one-man musical show, titled The Larry Show. It is about his life. He blends many famous tunes and dance into the fabric of the story. It is a happy, joyful, sad and endearing tale of a person who transcended his environment and early life. He has found his life’s treasure in telling his life story, which has a message for all of us who are of the same generation or even older: It is never too late to find the spark that lights up our eyes, quickens our pulse, and brings joy to ourselves and others.”

– T. Bruck, Inspirational Blogger and Television Producer, Sedona, AZ


158. “Larry Rosenberg delighted the Yavapai Democratic Party – Cottonwood’s year-end gathering with his own special brand of charming, humorous and enthusiastic entertainment. Nostalgic tunes of an era gone by, reminiscent of vaudeville, were enhanced with colorful props and audience participation. Larry added some of his own lyrics reflecting Democratic Party values, and designed to encourage us to help win the 2020 election!”

– K. Ginzel, Program Chair, Yavapai Democratic Party – Cottonwood, Arizona

159. “Wanting to do something extra special in memory of my sweet mother, and for the residents and staff of Sedona Winds Assisted Living, I hired Larry Rosenberg to perform his Cabaret Show! What an absolute treat for all! Larry’s Cabaret Show is entertaining, heart-warming, funny and filled with Joy (just like his soul)! I highly recommend Larry Cabaret Show for your next special gathering! Your family/friends will be smiling from ear to ear, and there’s nothing better than making people happy, right?”

– D. Gallaway, Real Estate Agent, Sedona, Arizona

160. “Larry’s Cabaret Show’ is full of Larry Rosenberg’s warm and loving presence. His stories and songs are funny, witty and wise. He has a unique way to explain and enliven parts of his life journey – using his exuberance to open and touch the hearts in the audience. In particular, his relationships with his parents and how he learned form them – and also did things his own way – were insightful to me. I could feel how much the large and diverse Sedona-area audience enjoyed the show and embraced the love and joy that is Larry’s essence.”

– O. Kenney, Area Sales Manager, Bay Equity, Sedona, AZ

161. “Bravo! ‘The Liberation of Larry’ show was life changing for me. It is a profundity of emotions beyond measure. It evoked every feeling imaginable. I cannot imagine this show being any better; how can Larry improve on perfection! He did the work in his life, and stands transparent in front of all of us. I identified repeatedly, with many laughs of joy and tears of recognition. Larry dramatically demonstrates how to unravel society’s control over one’s life, and purposefully design a life that is truly authentic. If you want to open your heart wider, seeing this show will do it! Watching him perform, I realized that many people lack the courage to be ‘this’ honest and vulnerable. If more people were this way, on and off the stage, this would be a better world. As this daring approach catches on, Larry just may change the world!”

– N. Stuart, Spiritual Mentor, Sedona, AZ

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