“Singing & Soaring,” singing for healing, growing and sharing

runs from 2 hours to 2 days and involves lectures, slides, small groups, exercises, and singing songs (in groups and as solos).



2 Testimonials

“As he sings his songs in his jubilant way, Larry transforms into a bubbling seven-year-old lad. And he invites you along to be his playmate, and so the years melt away. I’ve been to workshops that try to heal the ‘wounded child’ within, but this one focuses on awakening the naturally joyful child inside.”

– N. Dean, Editor and Writer, Sedona, AZ

“While I used to sing a lot in public, I haven’t felt comfortable with my voice for decades, sensing I was off key and self conscious. Since Larry’s workshop, I’ve been singing much more, really enjoying myself, and feeling vibrant, alive and confident, with little concern for what others think!”

– S. Grace, Healthy Cook and Healer, Sedona, AZ