The Larry Show as a Creative Retirement Story

How many creative retirement stories – where people follow their dream after a successful business/professional career – do you know?

With many Baby Boomers recently retired or about to retire from their primary careers, they may be intrigued and inspired by such Act 2 stories. Mine is one of them.

After earning a Ph.D. in Marketing, I had a 40-year primary career that encompassed marketing education, international management training, public relations, and business consulting. At 71 years, I turned my hobby of singing into a life-passion-and-purpose adventure of “entertainment that inspires” – called The Larry Show ( – combining my enjoyment as an entertainer and my lessons and wisdom from a life in academia, business, travel and spirituality.

The World Premiere of My One-Man Show

It was a full house of people who came to be entertained and inspired about the “meaning of life” at the world premiere of my one-man show, “Growing Up Larry – Riding the Roller Coaster,” at Sedona’s Stargate Theater, October 14. While the show was about my unique 71-year life in stories and songs, many in the audience found that they got deeper in touch with their own life experiences. I enjoyed every minute of the show and the Q&A period that followed it. This was the second time I performed the show in front of an audience. Next comes presenting it at a series of venues in New South Wales, Australia, this November.

Meet Aiko, Larry’s Personal Geisha [VIDEO]

After saying that my one-man show, “Growing Up Larry – Riding the Roller Coaster” (premiering Oct. 14, 7 pm, Stargate Theatre, West Sedona, 928-203-4499 for tickets) is about my 71-years-long life, I have been asked what are the specific major life issues dramatized.

They include:

  •  Accepting my parents’ roles in shaping my life.
  • Exploring my Jewish roots and path of universal spirituality.
  • Struggling to come to terms with my gay orientation – romancing, partnering, marrying, and divorcing women and men.
  • Getting three academic degrees, working three consecutive careers, and retiring twice.
  • Balancing my American and Japanese cultural sides.

“Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” [VIDEO]

This video of my singing “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” is from the preview performance of “Growing Up Larry – Riding the Roller Coaster,” my one-man show, Sedona, Sept. 30. I learned a lot from this performance and made changes in the script. The “revised” premiere of this show is October 14, 7:00 pm, at Stargate Theatre, 55 Shelby Drive, West Sedona. For tickets, call 928-203-4499. Because of adult content, the show is not suitable for children.

Premier of Larry’s One-Man Show, Sedona, Oct. 14

Happy to announce the World Premier of “Growing Up Larry – Riding the Roller Coaster,” my one-man show, Tuesday, October 14, 2014, 7:00 pm, presented by and held at Stargate Theatre, West Sedona.

A preview of the show was held recently and the audience loved it. Stargate Theatre is at 55 Shelby Drive, near Route 89A; parking in front and rear of the building. For tickets, call 928-203-4499 to reserve and pick up at show time, $10; at the door, $15. Refreshments will be served at intermission.

This show is my high-spirited one-man show. Laugh, cry, and sing along with me as I engage you with my light-hearted and often-poignant personal story telling, and sing the songs that highlight my 71 years. You are sure to have your own memories stirred as I bring you on this unique and inspiring sentimental journey. At the end of the show, I shall answer questions. Because of adult themes, this show is not suitable for children.

Why The Larry Show Fulfills Me

When I started The Larry Show at 71 years of age, I thought long and hard about how I wanted to live my life and what I expected from this new business – which I hope will keep me young, healthy and fulfilled for the next several decades.

Here is what I realized I love to do with my life and new business:

  • Singing and other forms of expressing myself creatively.
  • Sharing joyfulness with other people.
  • Helping people to heal, grow and share their lives.
  • Feeling passion and purpose in my life.
  • Evolving consciousness, for me and others.
  • Finding myself close to loving, fascinating, conscious, happy and creative people.
  • Traveling to beautiful, exciting and peaceful places around the world.

And so far, The Larry Show has delivered all these loves to me.

Heading to Australia to Sing & Learn

During my November tour of Australia to do concerts and workshops under The Larry Show banner, I shall be part of the Australian Consciousness Summit 2014, Nov. 20-23, in Central Australia. My dear friend, Christine Bannigan is organizing it, and we are planning for me to share a version of my one-man show, Growing Up Larry, at the Summit.

The Summit’s focus is on connecting with the Earth, the ancestors and each other, in love and oneness. It involves the secrets of an ancient spirituality passed down from the ancestors through the Australian Aboriginal people. I hope to be singing amid the sacred energies of Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and Kata Tjuta (Olga Mountains).

Anyone want to join me at the Summit in the heart of Australia?

How The Larry Show Was Born

After resigning from a job in Sedona, AZ, at 65 years, I realized that I had to reinvent myself once again. Should I go back to my familiar areas of marketing consulting and coaching, or go forward to something new and fascinating? I felt that it was time to explore, experiment and innovate. I had always loved to sing, but knew I needed to improve my breathing and vocalizing techniques. This got me to resume singing lessons, from a teacher who was a former opera singer; she inspired and drilled me for more than three years. In addition, I realized that I needed to calm my emotions and deepen my spirituality. So, I joined a men’s group for problem solving and brotherly support. Also, I hiked much more amid Sedona’s awesome natural splendor. And I took time each day to go deep within, where I connected with self-love and self-acceptance.

As my 70th birthday approached in May 2013, and after more than two years of singing lessons, I had a strong urge to host a party and give a concert, with my singing teacher accompanying me on the keyboard. It wasn’t until the day of the concert, with 40 friends crowding my living room, that I felt what message I wanted to share. Here is what I said, “Welcome, dear friends, to my birthday concert. Can’t have a concert without an audience. All my life I have been aware that I had a wounded boy singer inside of me. This concert is about loving and healing him. I loved to sing in front of my family when I was young, but life happened and I stopped doing it. Now you are my family and I want to share my love of singing with you, and my love of you all. During my long career as a professor and speaker, I was always performing, putting on a mask and sometimes full-body armor. But I never felt I could connect with people. I didn’t even know one of life’s purposes was to love. So, this concert is about sharing my authentic self, opening my heart to let out love, and to let your love into my heart. I am 70 years old today. If not now, when?”

After another year of living, loving and learning, including taking more singing lessons, my 71st birthday in May 2014 came along. This time I rented a hall in Sedona with a real stage to present another birthday concert; with 60 seats, it was standing room only. This time I invited the audience to sing along with me, which they loved doing.

This second annual birthday concert is the reason I chose to launch The Larry Show. I said to myself, “Why am I doing a concert, just once a year on my birthday?” I loved every aspect of being on the stage – singing, story telling, joking and dancing. And close friends gave me extraordinary feedback, such as: “This is your ministry, not just your mission.” “You were totally in the zone.” “I could see a ‘divine spark’ coming out of you.” “You are the poster boy of ‘it’s never too late to find and follow your dream!” And so I started a new business at 71 years. The Larry Show – entertainment that inspires – through concerts, workshops, motivational speaking, and life coaching.