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GROWING UP LARRY – My Liberation from The Lie

One-Man Musical Show by Larry Rosenberg


Larry Rosenberg’s 90-minute theatre piece combines two of his major life streams: First are the highlights of his courageous journey marked by dramatic highs and lows, which have yielded lessons learned and accumulated wisdom from his 73-year life. Second are his gritty style of story telling, favorite popular songs, wit and humor, and love of dancing; as a born entertainer, he accepted his natural showmanship just three years ago.

Rosenberg’s trials and tribulations resemble the dynamics of mythology scholar Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” – leaving his birthplace of limited opportunities (Philadelphia); journeying and facing challenges that tested and taught him about life (Columbus, OH, New York City, Amherst, MA, Tokyo, Japan, cities on five continents, and Greater Washington, DC); and discovering and developing his true vocation and unique gift in “Wisdomtainment” and the responsibility to share it (in Sedona).

Rosenberg’s wild seven-decade life journey of healing and growing vividly demonstrates how figured out how to let go of aspects of “The Lie” that he was fed by a workin

g-class family in Philadelphia – namely that we must conform to narrow and rigid behavior patterns.

As Rosenberg states, “By releasing my key past-based beliefs, I have liberated myself from an unsatisfyingly programmed life, discovered my soul’s truths about how to live my life, and finally emerged in my later years with an authentic, fulfilling and happy life. My mantra is love, joy and peace.”

“The core of my life’s path,” according to Rosenberg, “has been my escaping from ‘four closets’ – from straight to gay, from university teaching to show business, from American identity to global cultures, and from Judaism to Universal Spirituality. Now I know who I am!“

Rosenberg believes that the reason his audiences often cheer, laugh, shout, sigh, cry and/or sing along with him is because he continuously takes off his ‘masks’ so that they can see themselves in the ‘mirror’ of his honest experience.

Says Rosenberg, “Audience members have often told me that they and I have lived very different lives. But as they watched my show, they realized that we’ve experienced the same inner dynamics.”

“While most of them aren’t ready to stand up on a stage and bare their life story and its secrets, Rosenberg continues, “they do recognize how their life’s juicy events and key lessons are also worth recalling, examining and sharing in some way with other people – who might be family, friends, special-need groups or the general public.”

Immediately after the show ends, Rosenberg will answer the audience’s questions and give them a chance to express what the show helped them realize about their life. As he puts it, “This is the power of live theatre to encourage genuine insight and sharing.”

The “Growing Up Larry” show was conceived in May 2014, when Rosenberg felt a desire to bring his colorful life story to the stage, using some of the message-reinforcing songs that he grew up with. He stopped being “retired” to launch a new show-business career as a way to share his life’s hard-learned lessons with people who want to energize, inspire and transform their lives.

More than 25 audiences – in America, Australia and Scotland – have been touched and delighted by different versions of his riveting show and intimate story.

As Rosenberg asserts, “Although my show speaks to people of all ages – though its risqué content makes it unsuitable for children – it’s particularly informative and stimulating for people well along in their life experience, and who sense the need for self-reflecting and sharing their lessons learned with people who matter to them.”



7:00 p.m.


$15, at the door; $14 when bought at Java Love Cafe before April 6





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  1. Camilla Ross

    Dear Larry,

    Thank you so much for a wonderful, fun-filled afternoon of watching your “Growing Up Larry” show.
    It is entertaining and wonderful to see such energy. Looking forward to the next show you will
    perform. – C. Ross, Producer, Emerson Theater Collaborative, Sedona, AZ

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